Travel coming up

Another trip to Amsterdam for work

Looks like I’m headed to Amsterdam Tuesday. I
don’t know if I’ll be returning that Saturday, the next Saturday or the one
thereafter. But that’s okay – I like Amsterdam and I like working with
teammates from around the Bank.

If I
get a weekend off, I plan to go to The Hague to see their art museums. One of
them has six Vermeers (one of my favorite artists) and the other a grand
collection of the Barbizon

Hopefully I’ll be able to pack
in two carry-ons. I need to bring a book for a friend I made last summer during
a big project (seven flights to Amsterdam over the summer – I spent about a
month and a half over there working like a dog); the book is On Death and Dying by Dr. Elisabeth
Kubler-Ross, and it discusses her theory on the five stages of dying. Since I
spend my free time walking around Amsterdam, reading and playing with my Apple
Powerbook (some programming, some other stuff), I need to get a couple of books
for the trip. Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam has a good shopping area, so I
won’t worry about a book for the return flight.


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