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This is my Blog; you can email me here .

I’m finally joining the weblog nation. Its January 2, 2005 and I figured its time I started writing whatever seemed appropriate. I intend to post links to interesting things and to write about whatever strikes my fancy at a given time; I also find that it helps my memory, like any photo album, to keep a journal fo things that happen; I use my web site for this purpose as well. This is a chance for me to spend some time writing about what interests me. So, there will be technical and non-technical stuff

Some background on me to start.

You can read my professional resume here and read a little about my history here, both pointers to my website at . I
have three operating systems running at home now:

  • two desktops of Windows XP
  • one server of SuSE Linux 9
  • one PowerBook laptop running MacOS X
  • one MacBook Pro laptop running MacOS X

Work was taking me to Amsterdam a lot, which was cool because I like to travel and sometimes my spouse, Aviva, comes along; we try to go someplace interesting every year (often to Italy because that’s Aviva’s favorite – Amsterdam is still my favorite city in the world). You can see where we’ve been here. My main web site is at

You can find all my social networking information in the sidebar to the right.

I’m using WordPress for my blog now installed on my web site hosted by GoDaddy. I’ve customized the theme for my blog a lot, and I’ve added a number of widgets to make it easier to use.


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