Flying Home

We got up early, showered and ate breakfast and continued to try to stuff all our stuff into our little bags.

Its a good thing we stayed at the airport – the two days of training around Belgium made us tired (yes, it was an American vacation, and maybe we’re getting too old for that). We got to the airport a little less than two hours before the flight – I had problems checking in and eventually was sent to a different terminal because passport control was so backed up at terminal 2. I got a copy of Tracy Chevalier’s The Lady and the Unicorn (I read her book The Girl With the Pearl Earring on a previous trip); I can easily recommend this book as well, which means I read 4 good books over the last week! Aviva is started reading Stiff on the flight home; she also likes the book. Aviva and I got on the plane in time and the flight was uneventful.


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