Departing for Antwerp

This trip was a good reading trip for me; between flights and the late nights and needing to relax before trying to sleep, I managed to finish Salon, by Jaida N’Ha Sandra and Jon Spayde, a book about the history and modern creation of salons, and The Art of the Start, by Guy Kawasaki, which is his hints on creating a startup. I bought a copy of Stiff, by Mary Roach, which is about what happens to cadavers. I highly recommend all three books.

The team I worked with was really cool – we had lots of fun and worked really, really hard – here’s an example of the kind of diversions we invented:


Yours truly with the coke can building

I worked all week (very hard I might add:-). I left work at 5:30P, took a cab back to the Amsterdam Marriott where I met Aviva and we took a cab to Centraal Station. We took a train to Antwerp, first class – they offered a small meal – it took about 2 hours to get there. The hotel was very nice, the Radisson SAS Park Lane.


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