Flying home

We awoke early, showered and ate breakfast. Aviva checked out while I showered. We packed the last things and caught a cab – me to the airport, Aviva hopefully to the train station to go on to Florence for a week.

The ticket counter for KLM in Bologna is on the lower level to the left facing the building. That flight went fine, but the flight to Mineapolis was delayed for 1 1/2 hours. But, the food on the flight was good – since this is my last non-Atkins day they fed me all the remaining treats!

When I got home and unpacked, I found the following note in my checked bag:

This is the paper inserted into my checked=

This is the paper inserted into my checked=

I thought that was interesting – I expect (and hope) that they check all bags thoroughly, but I didn’t expect to be told that they specifically checked mine….


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