Palm Desert

We spent a wonderful warm time in Palm Desert visiting Aviva’s mother and her friend Dave. We did a lot of things (in addition to laying out in the morning sun).


We went to the Palm Springs Desert Museum; they have a number of Morris Grave’s images which Aviva really likes. They also have a Chihuly and a neat pair of red lenses in the upstairs, perminent exhibit.

chihulyatmuseum avivaatmuseum
A detail of the Chihuly glass piece Aviva through one of the red lenses

We also went to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. There are two cars that each hold 80 + 1 people. It traverses two and a half miles with a vertical climb of over a mile – it is the second longest tramway in the world. We also took a long hike (about three-quarters of a mile) around the Mountain Station; it required quite a climb down and back up on a spiralling walkway. I took some panoramic shots of the valley floor from the Mountain Station and from our ride home.

avivaandbob viewfromcardown

Aviva and Bob at over 8000 feet!

The view down the mountain from the tram
The view from Mountain Station
The valley floor from Mountain Station
The valley from Highway 74
viewupmountain viewof74
The view up from beside the tram That’s the road home from Idllwyld- it twists all over the hillside

We also went to Idllwyld, a small art community in the mountains. We took Highway 74; it twists and turns through the mountains!


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