Meetings in Utrecht

December 10th was the first day of the Architecture Days conference. We began with registration, including digital photos of all the participants. It was nice to see old collegues. Dan began the conference with a short, energetic presentation on why software development projects fail – we don’t control expectations.

Next up was a short report from each business unit. We had a nice lunch. Then we did two exercises. Dinner was special – we ate at an old castle with a brewery. We got a tour and a fine (long, of course) multi-course dinner.


Our brewery tour guide, the brew master, is sitting next to a brewing container

I of course caught a cold took some Tylenol Cold and sweated all night.

The next morning, Ifelt better and sorry for the maid – Ireally soaked the bed with sweat. Had to pack cause today Gary and I moved to Amsterdam for a meeting tomorrow. I was volunteered to try to arrange training for architects in banking and individual business units. The meeting was successful and even fun. Gary and I got on the 6:38P train to Amsterdam and noticed I has forgotten my camera! Luckily, Mike found it and gave it to Marcel to give to me tomorrow. They took some pictures, while they had the camera, that are just too naughty to post here….


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