Cannes, France

I was sent by the US chapter of the Digital Equipment Computer Users Society (DECUS) to the European Symposium in Cannes, France, in May 1990.

This is a view of the west side of the harbor at Cannes, France, assembled from three shots.


This is one of my favorite photos from Cannes – the Majestic hotel. I happened to have a high-speed, grainy film loaded which added a lot of character to the shot.


Here are some chairs laid out in the early morning just after the boardwalk washer finished washing the area. I love the high contrast of the early morning sun shining off of the pavement and the strong linear shadows made by the chairs.


The following picture is the monument where Napoleon landed from Elbe to launch his campaign of a hundred days. I was a history major for three years at the University of Delaware; the Napoleonic campaigns were a special interest of mine through school.



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