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December 14th, 2002 by electricbob


Our meeting on UML and Service-Oriented Environments on December 12 went very well. That night I went out for walk and a pizza and some welcome quiet time (I am an INTJ after all). December 13th was my shopping day in Amsterdam! I found everything I was looking for in one frenzied 4 hour walking […]

July 20th, 2002 by alephnaught

Leadership Development Program

I flew out of Chicago for St. Louis, connecting there to Colorado Springs (saved the Bank about $500 that way – those direct flights to smaller airports are really expensive). I had to rush to take this photo cause the shuttle to the Broadmore, the hotel where most of us stayed, had arrived: Note the […]

April 4th, 2000 by electricbob

Art day

Today we did the Uffizi; the word uffizi means office, and it was the office of the government of the Medicis in Firenze. They have a whole room of Botticellis, who is one of my favs. The square inside the Uffizi is packed with artists selling their wares (we bought a small watercolor of the […]