Google Chrome OS VMware and Parallels 5 virtual machines

I wanted to check out Chrome OS from Google – I’m hoping it’ll be a good choice for a kitchen netbook (a small portable you can use to surf the web, read and print recipes, and sometimes carry to the family room to look up things you see on TV); I don’t have time to build my own image, but I happened to find a VMware image from gdgt, and you can convert VMware images to Parallels using their Transporter tool.

You can find a VMware virtual machine at gdgt (you will need to register to download it). I followed the excellent instructions at Martijn de Visser’s website to create a Parallels 5 VM running Google OS which you can download here (unzip the file and open the Chrome OS.pvm file in Parallels V. 5).

And from my quick testing I’d say Google OS will, once some performance tweaks are done, do a fine job for a kitchen netbook; right now it seems a bit sluggish to me, but its dead simple to use which is perfect for a surf-only computer.


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