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What is Aleph0
Aleph0 is the first cardinal of infinity, the countable numbers. One example of these would be the integer set. Click here if you want to learn more about transfinite numbers.

What is the Null Set
The empty set; the null set is a set with no contents.

So, what is Aleph0 and the Null Set?
It is the name for my musical work. I of course am the only member of the band except for a couple of computers and instruments. It has elements of ethnic/world music, techno, dance, and progressive rock/jazz fusion. Now that web space is so inexpensive I've posted my two CDs and an individual tune:

Code With No Name 2:27 2.3

Bile (1997)

Track Title Time Size
Track 1 Recline 2:26 2.3
Track 2 After Death 2:23 2.2
Track 3 Tech Me 4:21 4
Track 4 Jams Technology 3:56 3.7
Track 5 Ballad of an Angry Sound 4:29 4.2
Track 6 Throb 2:29 2.3
Track 7 Gate of Ishtar 2:53 2.7
Track 8 Theme for an Imaginary Symbol 6:50 6.3
Track 9 Rain 2:56 2.8
Track 10 Down 5:07 4.7
Track 11 Cool Streets Drip Quietly 3:54 3.6
Track 12 Next One Over the Wall 3:56 3.7

Digital Sequenced Ballet (1996)

Track Title Time Size
Track 1 Ballade 4:13 3.9
Track 2 A 3:35 3.3
Track 3 Nathan's Song 5:25 5
Track 4 Aviva 6:50 6.3
Track 5 Latin Six 2:41 2.5
Track 6 Ambient 1 3:35 3.3
Track 7 Et Tu Brute 3:40 4.1
Track 8 Biko (written by Peter Gabriel) 5:49 6.6
Track 9 Absolve 3:30 3.3
Track 10 Pulse of the Sun 4:43 4.4
Track 11 J 5:02 4.7
Track 12 Metal Evening 4:35 4.3
Track 13 Bit-o-Jazz 2:21 2.2
Track 14 Father's Song (written by Prince) 2:21 2.2


If you create your own music, I'd love to hear it - either email me with a web link or send me a cassette or CD please.

Who is Aleph Naught and the Null Set?

Its Bob Hays, now a resident of Woodland Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles.

What do I use to Make Music?

My major synths are: Casio CZ-101, Kawai K5, Yamaha FB01, Cheetah M6, Roland MKS-30; I also built and use a PAIA FatMan synth. I have an Akai S612, two Ensoniq Mirages and a Yamaha TX16W samplers. I also have some drum boxes: Yamaha RX21 and EMR-1, Roland TR727.

I now use my desktop and laptop computers for mixdown.

I now use an Apple MacBook Pro with Logic software along with a lot of other software.

What's next?
A new CD, of course! This time, I hope to add some Drum & Bass and Trance influences (that seems to be what I'm listening to right now).

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Send email to Bob at electricbob@alephnaught.com
Send email to Aviva at avivakramer@earthlink.net

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