October 11th, 2004 by alephnaught

Flying Home

We got up early, showered and ate breakfast and continued to try to stuff all our stuff into our little bags. Its a good thing we stayed at the airport – the two days of training around Belgium made us tired (yes, it was an American vacation, and maybe we’re getting too old for that). […]

October 10th, 2004 by alephnaught


I finished Stiff – very good book, unique (needing no adjective) and entertaining. We walked from the hotel to the main market square and then visited the Basiliek van het Heilig Bloed (Basilica of the Holy Blood); its named that because it contains a relic in glass of, well, holy blood. Ticket to see the […]

October 9th, 2004 by alephnaught


We got up and had a good breakfast and then took a cab to the main art museum, the Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten. This is a must see museum, as they have some very famous works. The most interesting painting in my opinion was the Virgin and the Child by Jean Fouquet. Fouquet has […]

October 8th, 2004 by alephnaught

Departing for Antwerp

This trip was a good reading trip for me; between flights and the late nights and needing to relax before trying to sleep, I managed to finish Salon, by Jaida N’Ha Sandra and Jon Spayde, a book about the history and modern creation of salons, and The Art of the Start, by Guy Kawasaki, which […]

December 14th, 2002 by electricbob


Our meeting on UML and Service-Oriented Environments on December 12 went very well. That night I went out for walk and a pizza and some welcome quiet time (I am an INTJ after all). December 13th was my shopping day in Amsterdam! I found everything I was looking for in one frenzied 4 hour walking […]

December 11th, 2002 by alephnaught

Meetings in Utrecht

December 10th was the first day of the Architecture Days conference. We began with registration, including digital photos of all the participants. It was nice to see old collegues. Dan began the conference with a short, energetic presentation on why software development projects fail – we don’t control expectations. Next up was a short report […]

December 9th, 2002 by alephnaught


We took a train to The Hague and changed to Haarlem. We went straight to the heart of town and walked around and photographed the cathederal. A woman approached me to let me know that they had a postcard of one of the details I was trying to photograph. A detail from the city hall […]

December 8th, 2002 by alephnaught

Arrival in Utrecht

I got to the airport early and got an aisle seat, which is important for tallish people like me. Mike was at the gate when I got there – Gary and Tad arrived a little later. I had to correct my little tour destination for Monday- I hoped to go to The Hague for Vermeers. […]

December 28th, 2001 by alephnaught

Day 9 – Departure for home

We gave our change to the cleaning crew (who did quite well) and tips to the desk staff (they were always friendly and helpful). Then, off to the airport. The Charles D’ Gaulle airport is interesting – first, we had to go to customs 3 times and a ticket agent twice to finally get the […]

December 27th, 2001 by alephnaught

Gustave Moreau Museum and, of course, churches

This is our last day in Paris. We cabbed to the Gustave Moreau Museum. You can take the subway out there, but its pretty much on its own in a general shopping district. Gustave Moreau was a famous symbolist painter. The space is magnificent, covering three floors of his home. The first floor is his […]