Patti Smith’s Horses and the Remaking of Rock ‘n’ Roll (review)

This book was not what I expected.

I saw it while browsing in Book Soup, a nice independent bookstore in LA. I had hoped it would be a 272 page analysis of the Horses album, a true triumph for the Patti Smith Group and one of my favorite albums. Instead, I found that it was a biography of Patti Smith through the release of Horses along with some afterward material.

And that was okay – the book is easy to read, very interesting and provides a lot of information about Patti Smith’s life and perhaps some goals she had for album. I found the material from the record release through her accident (she broke a vertebrae and was hospitalized while touring behind Horses which probably had an impact on its sales at the time).

There is only one chapter that analyzes the album; that is useful if a little sparse.

I recommend this book if you have a deep interest in Patti Smith’s life and artistic influences.


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